Picture perfect home

So here it is, my first post.

I’ve thought a lot about how to begin or what to say. So I’ve decided to begin with some little background in to my life. Mainly my home and where I was born.

I was born and reared in the mountains, a beautiful countryside Β with one older brother , two younger sisters and a younger brother. Living in such a secluded area was great, you could run and play wherever you wanted for there were plenty of acres to run. I lived on a farm and loved it. My father had the farm handed down to him when he was just eight, and took it over when he was twenty by his aunts and uncles who all lived under the one roof with not a care in the world. My dad was always meant to farm, he had many other skills but farming was top of that list. It was just his instinct to know what to do in any circumstance. I remember so many memories out in the farm with him, including my older brother Ger. Even though farming is a serious lifestyle and can be very tough, dad would always try to see the good side.

I remember one specific moment when we were driving through the field in the tractor, a Davie Brown to be precise. And just out of nowhere my father decides to do doughnuts in the field. If I could only now see the expressions on my face, as I held on for dear life at the same time I thought ”this is some craic”. But thinking, if he did this today id probably faint with the fear of something bad happening or go wrong. That’s what happens as you grow older, you adapt to this thing called Fear? When its not even real, its just a figure of our imagination. I would climb trees like I was something out of Tarzan when I was younger. Reach the top, not worrying about what if or this or that. I would sit there on the tallest branch and take in the sights, I could end up sitting up there for hours. With no cares or worries. Well until id hear my mother shout out my name for dinner. Which then you would automatically run and feel the fear. I know almost everyone says it but I think I have one of the greatest mothers of all time. She’s just one of those mothers who will do anything for her kids, and with five of us she was superwomen most days. Especially on days where we would all be fighting for her attention. She has worked most of her life, in numerous jobs to keep the family going. No job can phase her, she just sees something has to be done and gets on with it. Where in some ways I feel Β we have all adapted that from her. She has thought us all to be kind, respect people, do good and you will get it in return. Family has played a great deal on the person I am today.

Living in such a beautiful country side growing up was just simply amazing. Still to this day when I visit home the first thing I want to do is take the dogs out for a walk, I never care how long I go for. I just want to be there, to live in the moment. And every bit of stress leaves my body, bills, rent, assignments due Β etc.

The reason I feel I’ve gotten an eye for photography is because of where I grew up, what I was surrounded by. Hours and hours of mental pictures in my head. From sunny to rainy days everywhere would still look beautiful, and I could always see an opportunity to take a photo. I can travel here there and everywhere, but the photos that mean most to me are the ones from home.


Skittles posing for me, she has become a natural at this stage


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