About me


Hey, I’m Kevin.

                I’m 25 years old and from Ireland. I am a student at the moment studying Strength & Conditioning. But my true passion is photography, I’ve always loved taking photos since I was young boy.

My first camera was an action man figure with a camera built in to it. I thought I was the beez neez going around taking pictures. It was giving to me as a gift and I thought it was everything. I was always fascinated by how photography worked, and the moments that you can capture with a simple click of a button. I remember staring at my parents photo albums over and over again, from their wedding day to days out with friends. Looking through these photos I felt at ease, I felt like I was right their with them. That even then with a small disposal camera, you could capture unforgotten memories.

My father to this day still comments that wherever you go or whatever you do you should always have a camera with you. To remind you of precious moments, and one day to look back on them, or in his case hang them up on the wall for everyone to see. My Imagination just runs wild when I get hold of a camera, I want to lock on to memories and the only way I can do that is by taking a photo. For me things are visual, I see something and I feel happy, sad, excited. That’s what photography can do, it can express every emotion.

I use my Iphone 4s which sometimes can be greater than any expensive camera but if I’m to progress then  I’m hoping to one day invest in more professional equipment. So if this is any interest to you then by all means follow me on my journey.


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Some of the places I have visited so far